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Located in Taiwan, YoungRight International Dev. Co. Ltd., is the head office governing the group factories and offices in China. The group factories are Raoping YongLian Foodsstuffs Factory Co., LTD in RaoPing, Guangdong China; Cixi YougChing Frozen Foods Co., LTD in Cixi Ningbo, Zhejiang China and HuangGang YongTong Food Co., LTD in HuangGang Wuhan, Hubei China. In addition, in Shandong we have an eastern and northern China office to gather information and resources in Frozen Foods field in Shandong area.


⊙ Evolution 沿革

1973/06Young Sun Frozen Foods is set up
1991/09YoungRight International Dev. Co. Ltd is created at Taiwan
1991/10YongLian Foodsstuffs Factory Co., LTD is established at RaoPing, Guangdong China
1991/11YoungTern Int'l Trade Co., LTD was built
永展國際貿易股份有限公司 成立
1993/12Cixi YougChing Frozen Foods Co., LTD is set up at Cixi Ningbo, Zhejiang China
2001/01Eastern and northern China office is established at Shandong area.
2005/09HuangGang YongTong Food Co., LTD is set up at HuangGang Wuhan, Hubei China.
⊙ Business Items 經營項目
Frozen Vegetables and Fruits冷凍蔬菜加工品
Frozen Prepared Aquatic Products 冷凍調理水產品
Frozen Ready-to-Serve Foods 冷凍調理食品
Air Dried Products 熱風乾燥AD食品
Freeze Dried products 冷凍脫水FD食品
⊙ Honors 我們的榮耀
1999ISO9002 was received取得ISO9002
2001Minstry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries authorized as
Hearting Processing Facility
Pork dried foods processing factory
Pork frozen foods processing factory
2002ISO9001-9002 was received取得ISO9001-9002
2003HACCP was received取得HACCP

⊙ 關係企業

Young Sun Frozen Foods 永昇冷凍食品工業股份有限公司
YoungRight International Dev. Co. Ltd 永聯(集團)國際開發股份有限公司
YongLian Foodsstuffs Factory Co., LTD 中國廣東省饒平永聯冷凍公司
YoungTern Int'l Trade Co., LTD 永展國際貿易股份有限公司
Cixi YougChing Frozen Foods Co., LTD 慈溪永進冷凍食品有限公司
Eastern and northern China office 華北華東事務所
HuangGang YongTong Food Co., LTD 黃岡永通食品有限公司

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